The committee has three main committees: Management, Gents Bowling and Ladies Bowling.

Each committee includes a mixture of members tasks with running the main aspects of the club from the bowling side through to the bar and green management. Although the committees have overriding control of the committee, and takes the requires steps when needed, each member also has a role in helping committees in the running.

At each AGMs, held in January and February of each year, these posts are voted on and the new committees take office at the start of each year. Within each committee, there are sub-committees formed which are elected to deal with specific aspects of the club and this is particularly concerned with fixtures, drawing up policies and so on.

Management Committee

Position Name
Chairperson Mr Steve Ingram
Vice Chairperson Mr Jim McKenzie
Hon. Secretary Mr Stewart Hartfield
Hon. Treasurer Mrs Jean Fisher
Building Convenor Mr Jas Robertson
Green Convenor Mr Bob Fairgrieve
Bar Convenor Mr Jim McKenzie
Social Convenor Mr Philip Howarth
Development Convenor Mr Bob Fairgrieve
Gents President Mr Steve Ingram
Ladies President Mrs Kay Fairgrieve


Gent’s Section Committee

Position Name
Match Secretary Steve Ingram
Committee Brian Cockburn
Adam Cockburn
Bob Fairgrieve
Jim McKenzie
Club Skips Steve Ingram
Phil Howarth/td>
Bob Fairgrieve
Fraser Mathieson


Ladies Section Committee

Position Name
Club President Diana Chayne
Match Secretary Jean Fisher
Committee Janet Ingram
Louisa Jones
Liz Davies
Club Skips Diana Cheyne
Lauren Forgie
Jean Fisher


Position Name
Scottish Billy Guy
County Billy Guy
Central Fraser Mathieson
District 9 Fraser Nathieson
McIntosh Jim McKenzie
Young Bowlers Adam Cockburn



Position Name
Tara Guide Dogs Diana Cheyne
Clackmannan/Stirling IBA Diana Cheyne