Finals week 2022

August 14, 2022 - Fraser Mathieson

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Finals Week 2022
Below is the schedule for the 2022 Finals. There are two finals yet to be scheduled, but these will be included when know. The first team/player will be red and the second will be blue.
Each team/player would appreciate support for fellow members so if you can, feel free to attend. We will also need helpers to turn boards so please make yourself know to any match secretary/committee members. Positions may be filled but good to have reserves if needed.
Monday 15th, 6.30pm
Ladies Over 55’s Singles
J Fisher v K Fairgrieve
Gents 2 Bowl Pairs
A Cockburn, B Cockburn v K Wilkie, F Mathieson
Tuesday 16th, 6.30pm
Ladies Triples
L Forgie, C Howland, J Fisher v C Gee, C Kerr, L Jones
Gents Club Pairs
K Wilkie, B McGill v A Sneddon, K Bonthorne
Gents Handicap
A Cockburn v S Stuart
Gents Presidents
B Cockburn v W Guy
Wednesday 17th, 2pm
Ladies Presidents
J Fisher v K Fairgrieve
Thursday 18th, 6.30pm
Ladies Challenge Pairs
R Craig, J Fisher v L Slavin, C Kerr
Gents Challenge Pairs
A Hadden, R Fairgrieve v W Guy, A Sneddon
Friday 16th, 6.30pm
Mixed Pairs
W Guy, J Fisher v S Ingram, C Howland
Gents Triples
I Wright, A Howland, W McGill v B Cockburn, S Stuart, A Sneddon
Saturday 20th, 2pm
Gents Blevins
A Cockburn v S Stuart
Gents Senior Rinks
R Fairgrieve, W McGill, A Hadden, I Wright v J McKenzie, A Forrest, J Robertson, S Ingram
Saturday 20th, 3pm
Ladies Championship
J Fisher v R Craig
Gents Championship
A Howland v A Sneddon

Fraser Mathieson